Second Chance Cars

Logo development

Second Chance Cars partners with other nonprofits to provide inexpensive used cars for low income veterans and returning citizens. Their mission is to mobilize low income workforce members to compete for living wage jobs through affordable car ownership.


The logo communicates a message of hope and empowerment for partner nonprofits, potential vehicle donors, and the vehicle recipients themselves.



website design & production

Building off the color palette and tone set by the logo, a website was developed to help communicate the mission and benefit provided by Second Chance Cars. The site employs an engaging parallax effect on the homepage that serves as a jumping off point that inspires further investigation but it also answers many important questions without requiring users to dig more deeply.


fully responsive design

The site is fully-responsive and the design presents a compelling experience on all devices and browsers.

β€œDan brings with him an unusual sensitivity to color and form, a rigorousness around language and intent, and true empathy for the end user when it comes to deploying technology.”
– Dan Holin, Executive Director