Dan Beard Design

Who is Dan Beard Design? Well, for the most part it’s just me. If you were hoping for an army of account executives and a lavish conference room, then you might be disappointed. But if you like dealing directly with the top dog and a friendly, collaborative working relationship, then you might just have found what you were looking for.

My History
Armed with a degree in psychology from Tufts and design training from the Musuem School and Mass Art, I worked in Boston design studios for several years. In 1994 I decided to open my own shop, and I never looked back. It has been, and continues to be, a great adventure.

My Team
Over the years I've been able to build an impressive roster of collaborators to handle all sorts of challenges. Whether it's the creative talents of copywriters, photographers and illustrators; or the production expertise of print shops, embossers and mailing houses; I've got all bases covered.

My Approach
Whenever possible, a conceptual approach to design makes the most sense to me. I love a good idea and will go to great lengths to find one. A great concept serves to organize and anchor the thought process and ultimately inspire a more cohesive and effective solution.

My Motivation
I love to learn. Each new job presents an opportunity for me to do just that. I'm inspired by my clients' eagerness to reach their audience in just the right way. The intimate knowledge and committment that they bring to the table fuels my pursuit of the perfect design solution.


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