A small sampling of what’s currently happening at Dan Beard Design

current/recent projects

Meadowbrook School: Spring magazine
The spring magazine has landed. This issue features the school’s impressive offerings in math & science as well as groundbreaking philanthropic efforts anchored in the arts.

fenn School: Winter magazine
Fenn’s 2019 Winter magazine is in full design/production mode right now. It will feature the new Campus Center and news about Fenn’s “North Campus” additions.

Monsters: cycling kit
A re-issue of a club favorite in a slightly altered color palette is in production and anxiously anticipated for this year’s season.


Coffee Talk
Espresso and cappuccino have almost become a ritualized obsession at Dan Beard Design. What is it about coffee that inspires so many? Let’s talk...




“For eight years I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Beard Design. Dan has worked with Meadowbrook on many projects, including a wide range of print collateral and logo development. I love working with him because he always sees something that I don't see; he has a critical and creative eye that is invaluable. His designs truly bring my pieces to the next level.”

Pam Scafati
Director of Communications
The Meadowbrook School


"I have had the opportunity to work with Dan Beard Design on several occasions and across different media over the past five years. I found Dan's collaborative style and client-centered approach both refreshing and results-oriented. Equally important of course is Dan's design ethic. If you want to project an understated, crisp and distinctive visual message, I strongly recommend working with Dan Beard Design."

Dan Holin
Executive Director
The Jericho Road Project


“Friends and family had been encouraging me to create a website for years, but I honestly felt overwhelmed simply thinking about how to start such a project. Thankfully I was wise enough to search out a professional, Dan Beard, who thoughtfully guided me through the process. Not only was working to create the perfect site for my business with Dan painless, but I actually enjoyed the experience. Dan's attention to detail, endless enthusiasm for the project and professional input regarding site content made taking on this daunting task exciting, and I have been thrilled with the end result. Thanks to Dan I am proud of my business's website as it truly conveys who I am and what my work is all about. Working with Dan was not only a pleasure but a great business decision as well.”

Amy Washek
Back in Balance


“Dan is not only collaborative and creative, but friendly, accessible, and responsive. He made an effort to really understand and appreciate the culture of our school, and reflect its energy and dynamic in his designs. Dan has helped give Fenn’s publications a more pleasing, contemporary aesthetic, and I am lucky to have worked with him. ”

Laurie O’Neill
former director of publications
The Fenn School


"We have enjoyed working with Dan Beard Design on a wide variety of projects over the past dozen years. We work together to develop an overall approach. We refine and enhance each others' ideas at this stage, and then Dan takes charge of developing the graphic design. Through this process we get literature that is consistent through the full range of our material, both in design and product quality. Customers and competitors alike feel we have some of the best collateral in the business."

Tim Eliassen
TriPyramid Structures, Inc.



CASE Communication Awards
Bronze Medal

Award of Distinction(2)

Gilbert Paper G3 Awards
Gold Medal

Higher Education Advertising Awards
Silver Medal

How Magazine
Award of Merit

Potlatch Paper
Award of Merit

Summit Creative Awards
Gold Medal, Bronze Medal