Cube Arts Boston

Logo development

Cube is Boston’s new way to engage with artists and buy art. Cube offers curated visits with local artists to connect them directly with art enthusiasts in small group studio visits. Cube’s goal was to create a fun and meaningful way to discover and collect art.


Several directions were explored before arriving at a final option. The final logo is built off of a primary color palette reminiscent of the art of Mondrian. It pairs well with a broad spectrum of contemporary art today. The name CUBE is built off of their tagline “curated by enthusiasts.”



website design & production

A website was designed and produced that serves to explain the group’s mission and allow people to sign up for upcoming tours. Just like their tours, the site invites a deeper exploration. It’s designed to evoke the feeling of being inside an artist’s studio.


The site design is fully-responsive and functions flawlessly across all devices and browsers.


webmail template design

We developed a webmail template to match the site and maintain a recognizable brand. The emails serve to advertise upcoming tours and drive people to the website for more information or to sign up for tours.

“I have worked with Dan on brochures, website creation, logo development and online invitations. He is grounded in best design practices and has a beautiful aesthetic. He works quickly and efficiently and I really appreciate his collaborative approach, clear communication and availability. Dan is a joy to work with!”
– Lisa Lebovitz, Co-founder, cube arts boston