Joslin Diabetes Center

Hospital Banners

These banners were developed as part of a larger branding initiative. Similar layouts were deployed across brochures and advertising. A total of nine banners were produced and subsequently displayed prominently at One Joslin Place.



Pediatric Programs Brochure

To discuss diabetes treatment programs for kids we created a brochure that answered the questions their parents might have. And, by using actual pediatric patients as models we helped to normalize the kids and their treatment.


The piece makes liberal use of bold colors and informal photographic silhouettes to draw in readers.


donor brochure

A brochure was developed to highlight the efforts made possible by donors to the Joslin Diabtetes Center. The Elliot P. Joslin Society was created to recognize all that has been made possible by generous contributions over the years. The brochure gives a brief history of these efforts and touches on current work and future goals.


Donor Newsletter

A newsletter was developed to keep donors up to date on the latest developments made possible by their generosity. The newsletter features stories about specific donors and the patients who have benefitted from their philanthropy.