Eliot Montessori, an independent day school for children in kindergarten through grade 8, turned to Dan Beard Design to communicate its mission of “inspiring lifelong learners.”


Admissions Folder

When rebuilding the school’s admissions material we started with the outer packaging: a clean and crisp pocket folder with a refined color palette and short, clear messaging. The goal was to have the inserts (admissions viewbook, curriculum statement, and application) stand out and do most of the heavy lifting.


Meet four students: Alexa, Anna, Gregory and Margaret Ann, and let them tell you how they spend a typical day at school.

admissions Viewbook

The viewbook introduces us to four students at different age levels. We learn about Eliot Montessori by following a day in the life of each student. This approach was an engaging method to describe the school for the different age groups.


After an introductory spread, each section chronicles a different child’s day. A simple timeline with which the children themselves explain their daily schedule is paired with compelling photography and pull quotes.


open house postcards

A series of postcards advertising open houses were produced. These were used to generate initial interest in the school without using the more expensive admissions package that would go to those who had expressed more serious interest.


At Eliot, children don’t just learn; they enjoy learning. That joy is evident day in and day out, in the classroom, in the hallway, and on the playground.