Multicultural Teaching Institute

Logo development

The Multicultural Teaching Institute is a hands-on, collaborative conference that provides current real-world multi-cultural teaching tools for teachers of pre-k through grade 12.


The logo seeks to depict, with color and form, the vibrantly rich fabric that can be woven when best practices are followed for excellence in multicultural education.



website design & production

The website design builds off the tone set by the logo. The metaphor of woven fabric is carried throughout the site as a background texture and as color-blocked navigation elements.


The site serves to educate the reader on the mission of MTI and to advertise future conferences and workshops. Participants can register for either using online portals.


Oversized flyer/postcard

MTI frequently reaches out to past conference attendees and those who have expressed interest by sending flyers and postcards to remind them of upcoming events.


β€œDan worked with us to help realize our vision for our new organization. From creating just the right logo to creating an interactive website that helped to convey our culture, Dan creatively represented what he heard from us and walked us through each step. In the end, our website mirrored who we are as an organization and we are thrilled!”
– Jenna Chandler-Ward, Co-Director