The Meadowbrook School of Weston turned to Dan Beard Design to communicate their mission “to know, love, and challenge every child.”


Annual report

We chose to organize the report around an account of the creation and installation of a remarkable 50-by-20-foot mosaic in the school’s rotunda stairwell, for which the school hired renowned muralist Joshua Winer. The design of the report employs an open layout with engaging photography and effective pull quotes, which combine to tell a compelling story. The remaining pages include reporting on new trustees, new faculty, and the Annual Report of Giving, and they are peppered with close-up photos of the mosaic to tie it all together.



Meadowbrook is known for its rigorous academics, but it has redefined what rigor means. Students at Meadowbrook have a school day filled with fun, innovation, and creativity.

School magazine

The redesign of Meadowbrook’s magazine employs a slightly larger trim size and more white space throughout. This allows for larger, more compelling photography. Feature articles in particular are given more space, which enables more creative layout solutions.


annual fund mailers

To help communicate the need for annual fund participation we have explored a variety of approaches over the years.


Our most recent appeal introduced a paper doll version of the Meadowbrook Moose, complete with clothing and accessories. People are asked to “Dress the Moose for Success.” In the process of outfitting their doll, they learn all of the ways that the Annual Fund dresses their children for success.


“I love working with Dan because he always sees something that I don't see; he has a critical and creative eye that is invaluable. His designs truly bring my pieces to the next level.”
– Pam Scafati, Director of Communications